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We approach website development from a holistic approach. The following factors are considered when determining the best path to take for website development:

  • What special functionality does the website require?

If the website requires special functionality such as admin roles, client registration, scheduled advertisement, streaming media, or any other functionality beyond what is achievable through HTML and Javascript, we may consider offering a web framework or content management system.

  • Who will maintain the website after launch?

If the website will be maintained by our maintenance service, building an entirely custom website without a content management system (CMS) may be desired. However, if the website will be maintained by staff, volunteers, or any non-developer personnel, a CMS will be a good choice for ease of management and updates.

  • What is the target audience for the website?

The target audience for the website will help determine design parameters. For instance, if the website is likely to be viewed and used more on mobile devices, the design will lean more toward mobile responsive design. While all of our site are designed to be mobile responsive, there may be more advanced considerations if the mobile aspect of the site is critical.

Also, the target audience may determine color palettes, weight of imagery, and user interface (UX) design.

Web Development Process

Here are some of the website technologies we use:



Angular JS




Cloud based hosting available



Let us help you assess your website needs and determine the best solution to meet your objectives.

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